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Our Class + Private Policies

TSM Policies

Thank You! For being a client. We are so lucky to have you. We need our TSM Policies (both in studio and Travel Privates) so everyone has a chance of taking that hour to themselves with TSM Team. It’s important we continue to compensate our team for their time and commitment. We are so grateful you stand by us we, we appreciate your understanding and we will continue to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations making you the healthiest, most vibrant and happiest in your body.

Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy to allow the TSM, the studio and its teachers to book another clients and fill the spot in class or appointment time. We appreciate you understanding that late cancellations and no-shows prevent other clients from joining our TSM classes. Out of respect for your dedicated instructors time and your friends in class, reservations for Scheduled Classes (made through our online reservation system), Private Appointments (1:1, 2:1, 3:1), and Private Events / Groups must be canceled 24 hours prior to avoid forfeiting a class and potentially being charged.


Clients who cancel within the 24 hour window forfeit their Class or Private Appointment. Clients who no-show or do not late-cancel their reservation more than an hour before its start time are subject to a $20 no-show or late-cancel fee. No exceptions. Any fees will be automatically charged to your card on file. If you do not have a credit card on file, or your charge does not process, your Mindbody account will be debited the late cancel or no-show fee and you will be asked to reconcile on your next login to Mindbody or in-studio visit.

Early Cancel:

In order to avoid late cancellation / no-show fees, reserved classes must be cancelled through our online reservation system at least 24 hours prior to scheduled start time. Please do not call or email to cancel.


Private 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 or Private Events / Groups must also be cancelled 24 hours prior via email to with subject line: CANCELLING APPOINTMENT FOR [date + time].


Late Cancel:

Classes cancelled within 24 hours of reserved class time will result in an automatic forfeiture of class.


Same Day Cancellation:

Classes cancelled on the same day as a reserved class will be forfeited and Clients risk being charged a same day cancellation fee of $10 unless their spot is filled by another client.


No Show:

Clients who do not show up to class OR remove themselves from class through our online reservation system at least 2 hours prior to class start time will be charged a “no-show fee” of $20 in addition to losing their class.

Waitlist Policy

Mornings come early after sleepless nights and meetings inevitably pop up unexpectedly last minute. If your desired class is full, join the waitlist! Spots become available more often than you may think, particularly last minute and early morning.

When requesting to be added to the Waitlist for a class, Clients:

- Must have a valid credit card on file.

- Should expect to be charged for the class if they get in off the waitlist.

- Should make sure they are subscribed to email/text notifications through our online reservation system.

- Should set an alarm to remind yourself to check your class status, confirming a “Waitlist Add” was made.



Please only add yourself to the waitlist for a class if you fully intend to join in the event a spot becomes available. Consider yourself committed to joining class when you sign up to be on its waitlist. To avoid being charged for not attending a class you get into off the waitlist, assume that you are going to get into that class and set your alarm, plan accordingly and check back often to stay aware of your place on the waitlist.


As Clients cancel and space becomes available in class, you will be notified by email/text and automatically added to the class. Once added to class, your spot will be considered reserved and confirmed. If you are no longer able to attend, login to our online reservation system and cancel yourself out.


If you get into a class off the waitlist more than 24 hours before class and early cancel yourself out of class at least 24 hours prior to class, you will not be charged. If you get into class off the waitlist within the 24 hour cancellation window, however, and no longer wish to/are unable to attend, you must late-cancel yourself out of class at least 2 hours before it begins or you will be charged $20.


**Clients who get into class but do not show up to that class (“no-show”) will be charged the full price of a drop-in. No exceptions. You have the chance to avoid being charged the full price of a Drop-In by late cancelling yourself out of class and therefore giving SOMEONE ELSE the opportunity to join in your place. If the spot you gave up is not filled by someone else, you will be charged the $20 fee.


Again, Thank You! For being a client. We are so lucky to have you supporting our small business and understanding our Policies.

New Clients + Late Arriving Policy All Clients

Studio Reformer Classes

It happens, sometimes you have little hiccups that make you late to class. If you are running late, we welcome you up to 5 minutes after start time. If there are clients on the waitlist / physically waiting to attend class and we haven’t heard from you by start time, your spot will be given to the first client on the waitlist / to show-up (respectively) at the 5 minute mark. You will be considered a no-show and therefore lose your class and be charged the $20 no show fee.

New Clients

New Clients MUST arrive 10min early. No exceptions. We need time to ask for injuries, Pilates or fitness experience, explain how our custom Pilates reformers differ from other machines, and make sure you have the required sticky or tread socks for your class. As well as give you a quick studio tour, where to place your belongings, bottled water/sticky/ tread sock/ sweat towel for purchase and restroom location. So please plan ahead and arrive early. 


Private 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 Private Events / Group Appointments

Private Clients. If you are running late, we welcome you up to 5 minutes after start time. If you “No Show” your Private Session, you forfeit your session and will also be charged a $25 no-show fee.

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