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Meet Founder of The Sharp Method, Jasmine Sharp

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Jasmine Sharp

Meet Our Founder


Jasmine, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.

It’s best to start with the word Resiliency. As an entrepreneur, if you don’t have it, you won’t make it. I will always ask myself exactly what I ask of my clients: “Don’t Give Up.” I like to hold clients accountable for WORKING with intention and form. They gave me an hour of their time, and I have that to enhance their mindset and plant the seed to live a healthy lifestyle. I would like them to feel an adrenaline rush while getting that endorphin flush. I want them to leave with a smile and tell their friends about it. I was born with ‘The Gift’ and ‘The Curse.’ The Curse commencing as a child battling the dreaded fat gene, North America’s epidemic. As well as experiencing injuries from being an athlete, a dancer, as well as prenatal SPD complications. Although it feels like a curse, I have overcome these hurdles by rehabilitating my bulging discs, calming my interior tears surrounding the spine, and getting a better understanding of pre/postnatal body changes which all make me more relatable to YOU. By personally experiencing this, it brings me closer to healing your body because I have had to heal my own. ‘The Gift’ involves having the fitness education, the long-term health industry experience, working closely with top doctors/professional athletes such as the LA Kings (Hockey) and the LA Galaxy (Soccer), and lastly, nonstop determination in regards to always wanting to better myself to directly influence and better lives each and every day… I feel fortunate and proud to have conceptualized and built 3 Pilates Studios (Seattle, Manhattan Beach, Austin) while concurrently working with Alejandro Lopart designing and manufacturing our own brand of Pilates Reformers and Chairs. I have built my own company The Sharp Method, which focuses on bringing our custom made ‘The Sharp Method’ Pilates Reformers and Chairs, the certifications, and the education to the masses.

I am grateful to share with you my journey, my vision, and my formula for life. Thank you for having a vested interest in your own health, your wellness, enhancing your life, and ultimately, influencing those around you as well. I feel fortunate you are taking the time to read my manifesto. I give back to you with gratitude the two industries responsible for changing my life: pilates + organic juice. It is fair to say both pilates + juice entered my life organically. Born and raised within the farmlands Central California, I grew up with gardens of tomato, mint, watermelon, squash, and peppers, as well as trees of peaches, plums, apricots, cherries, nectarines, almonds, and the freshest honeycomb honey. This is where my green thumb came in, I have my family to thank for that! I sprouted quickly, standing the tallest in my class, I proved back handsprings and ballet does not always stunt one’s growth. Pre-college, I focused on the sports where my height gave me an advantage. My stature helped me excel in volleyball, basketball, and swimming. All the team sports assisted in melting off that “baby fat,” and I was determined to be Fit instead of Fat.

After graduating high school in 1996, I attended San Diego State University. I was diligent in my studies as well as sticking to my athletic roots, which became a catalyst for me to take on new challenges. I began surfing, weight training, kickboxing, and Bikram’s Yoga, appreciating the results of the 108-degree temperature and 90-minute classes were having on the body. In 2002, I graduated with a BA in Communication, Advertising and a Spanish Minor. Post-college, I moved to Palm Springs, and it was there I spent the next seven years heavily involved in Real Estate Development/Acquisitions and Commercial Real Estate. I was very satisfied with the business challenges; however, it was the stress that led me back what made me feel ALIVE and HAPPY: exercise.

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In early Fall 2007, Pilates Plus Palm Springs was the hottest new workout out of LA. Little did I know, this new group exercise “machine” class would marry two of MY most cherished repertoires: dance and athletics (and loud music). After one month of membership, I was invited to instruct, and I knew I wanted to dedicate every last hour to educate myself to be the BEST. I trained endlessly before becoming certified. I fell in love with the hybrid workout and knew this was the perfect way to combine the fundamental Pilates principles, weight training, flexibility, and a heart-pounding cardio regimen. By working closely with the PPPS owners, I was able to train in Los Angeles to further my education in addition to taking “parallel steps” and working with Classical Pilates studios to further my understanding and education of Joseph Pilates original “Contrology” concepts, a purist approach. This included practicing spinal alignment, neutral spine, and rehabilitation work on many different Pilates’ apparatus. I studied with Pilates Sports Center, a classical/progressive certification developed by a Chiropractor and a Dancer. I now had an understanding for Power & Purist Pilates, two entirely different animals and clientele for that matter; the missing link between the two had been filled. It was time for a new challenge.

Fast forward to December 2010, I was offered a partnership to create a progressive fitness concept, develop and manufacture a reformer Pilates machine, and open a studio in Seattle, WA. This also included creating the fitness programs, develop it, brand it, create the website, hire and train the staff, and LAUNCH the business.

By late January 2011, the Seattle studio was open. My partners and I had created a fitness program that involved a studio driven by 5 inspirational elements that challenged the body and the mind by interconnecting PILATES (power & purist), BARRE, TRX and YOGA, byways of cardio, strength training, and flexibility, which ultimately result in an overall sense of BALANCE. The studio successfully launched, and the momentum was at sprinting speed. After launching this project, as hippie as it sounds, I listened to my next “calling” the universe had for me--a new challenge: the city of Angels. I arrived in Los Angeles and worked locally while planning the next project… A pilates studio & organic juice bar had been building momentum since its conception in December 2012, and what a fun ride until 2015 when it was time to have a baby. The universe called for some downtime, and instead of birthing business, it was time to give birth to a child, a daughter, and yes, another The Sharp Method’ Pilates Reformer machine. I took some time off to cherish these precious years with my child, but a new calling brought us to Texas, for yes, another Pilates studio adventure.

The Present being now involves The Sharp Method company manufacturing machines for both studios and homes, certifying Pilates and Barre instructors and filming content for online subscribers, and spending time with the now 6.5 year old. It’s a great place to be!

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Has it been a smooth road?

The road is not always easy, but we have a choice in life. We can keep trailblazing because we love what we do, the concept and helping others, or we can quit. But always make sure you have a plan in place and you always lay out the pros and cons and create your Business Plan and ROI before you get started. 


So, as you know, we’re impressed with The Sharp Method Pilates – tell our readers more, for example, what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.

I have been teaching Pilates since 2007, designed my own Pilates and Fitness Certification (The Sharp Method) along with my own custom Pilates reformer in 2010. And then, I partnered with an architect/artist (Lopart Architecture) to design 5 more Custom Pilates Reformers.


I believe I am best known for being unapologetically authentic (yet approachable) and kicking some serious bum in Pilates classes, all while forming a community of empowering women. Strong women attract strong women, and there’s something wonderful in that. What sets me apart is that I am within reach. My friends and clients feel comfortable reaching out to me all the time, and I like that! I also want to be a role model for younger women. It’s easy to get lost. I’d love to play a part in helping them find their way through education, confidence building, being a positive support system, and help enhance their self-worth and self-esteem. They are OUR FUTURE.

Who have you been inspired by?

My entire family as a whole. I have a great family; I have great friends, great clients, female musicians who sing with so much soul (ok, and Tiesto, since we share a birthday). MUSIC in general inspires me, and my mom friends, they all play a big part in who I am and WHY I keep going.


And what’s next for you?


Well, you’ll have to wait and see. It won’t lack luster, that’s for certain! 

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