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Reformer Upkeep Parts + Class Props

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High Traffic, No Problem!

Keep Your Reformer Sharp and Maintained Over Time

We get it, some clients LOVE their own Loops, Balls, and Bungee Straps, that only they touch, and no one else, so we got you. Stock up, and let them order their own set just for them! Sell it as a BUNDLE Item at your own Price. Maybe you have it embroidered with your Company Name -- that’s CHIC! And, we have you covered when the time comes for a Tune Up. It’s important to keep your Custom SHARP Reformer “SUPER SHARP,” so here’s our list of Replacement Parts for down the road.

Reformer Upkeep Parts + Accessories:


Carriage Upholstery (no longer offering carriage stripes)

Backend Platform Upholstery

Frontend Platform Upholstery (larger piece)

Frontend Platform Upholstery (smaller piece)

Footbar Cover (front, back or both)


Carriage Strap, Padded Replacement

Floor (Foot) Strap, Padded Replacement

Ankle Strap, Padded

Bungee 25''

Double Loops, Padded Pair

Hard Handles Pair


Ropes (5 set) 8mm

Ropes Long Pair

Ropes Short Pair

Rope Medium Middle (1)

Class Props

Pilates Jumpboard (color: Black, Nude or Sand)

Pilates Box, Padded, Large (color: Black, Nude or Sand)

Pilates Dowel (color: Black or Sand)


Small Ball 9" and Large Ball 11" (Pair)

Small Band (booty work)

Foam Roller (long only)

Massage Balls (4)